About Me

Offering you Comfort Calm Clarity Closure with the help of your loved ones in Spirit

I began connecting with Spirit when I was 14 years old. I started hearing voices and soon realised I wasn’t as “normal” as my friends.

After the loss of my dad when I was little it came as a great comfort to me when I began receiving guidance from him on the other side and after connecting with my Spirit guides my Journey really began!

I used to be quite shy about sharing my gift but as I have developed over the years I have come to realise that I should be sharing this with people.

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I believe “Everything Happens for a Reason” & “Nothing is Coincidental” and my life up to now has been a series of synchronicities which have led me to give regular Readings and Demonstrations and to create Online Courses and Groups, creating Communities of like-minded people.

 I’m so proud and happy to be able to share my Mediumship with people and I do it with the love and support of those in Spirit whose messages I need to share. I work with them in a positive & loving energy and offer Comfort, Calm, Clarity & Closure.

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“This wonderful lady helped me to develop. She is amazing and although I have taken a break, she has inspired me to get back into it!!!!
She can help you with being calm, loving yourself, the list is endless, you won’t regret it!!!!” Lindsey

“I love the guidance Clare gives to all that wish to go down the spiritual path. It has helped me on my spiritual journey from one to one sessions, meeting your spirit guide and also in a group of like-minded people via zoom, such a laugh! Clare will give you insight and a clearer perspective. Thank you universe for letting me cross paths with Clare and the group.” Sharon

“I recently took the “Perfect Course” with Clare and it really was perfect. Clare lays out the information so clearly and it is so varied, really giving you an opportunity to get a glimpse of all different kinds of approaches to create a spiritual routine for everyday.” Hollis